"Why do we not believe the doctrine of the Trinity? Because it is not the doctrine of the Bible. This is our reason."

—Henry Ware, Jr. (1794-1843), Witnesses Against the Trinity, p. 93
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Flashes of Light in the Darkness
An ongoing (incomplete) timeline catalog of those who took a stand against unscriptural teachings and/or championed neglected scriptural teachings.
Coptic John 1:1 and 18
A very early translation of Scripture clearly refers to Jesus as something less than God himself.
An Humble Inquiry
Thomas Emlyn's 'scandalous' 1702 exposé on the Trinity doctrine that landed him in prison.
Trinity Discussion—1569 CE
A Catholic monk interrogates a man for heresy, and a discussion of scripture unfolds.
Timeline of Truth
Since the last days of the apostles, there has been a rich tradition of dissident people and groups that have sought scriptural reform.
An Examination
Henry Grew's 1824 book explaining his scriptural reasons for rejecting the Trinity doctrine.
Missing the Point
The Circumcellions claimed to follow Christ, but did the opposite. Their mistaken reasoning is still employed by most who claim to follow the Bible today.
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